How might we use nonverbal communication cues to design home interactions that anticipate behaviours and respond intelligently?
In collaboration with: Google ATAP, 2022

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Light Gestures
The Percussion Suite

Nonverbal Interactions with Soli Radar

Google ATAP

Interaction Designer
& Prototyper

We used Soli to explore how the combination of new sensing and machine learning techniques can be used to capture the submillimeter motion of our fingers to create expressive and subtle hand gestures to interact with a variety products. In the first episode “Nonverbal Interactions with Soli Radar” we do just that.
Timi Oyedeji is a Black British Interaction Designer working in the spaces where emerging technology meets design interaction.

As a designer who codes, Timi works to bring novel experiences to life. His prototypes spark ideas of novel ways we could meaningfully partner with technology, from small delightful moments, to intelligent home experiences.

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Awards Ralph Saltzman Nominee, London Design Museum, 2023
Press Wired, Engadget, Core77, It's Nice That, Design Boom
Publications Towards Socially Intelligent Spatial Computing
Thought Pieces Black British Designer